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University email registration page

University e-mail is characterized by great features, accuracy and flexibility in terms of unlimited storage capacity, attachment size, chat programs, translation of messages, and features such as providing calendar services, sending text messages, and Drive to save files online, in addition to a free copy for all Microsoft Office 365 products and others. Browse the university’s mail through the web page (the university’s website) or a program that is downloaded to the device such as Outlook.

common questions

Frequently asked questions about university mail

The university email is that email that ends with the “Edu” extension. It is facilities provided by educational institutions or authorities to all university students and professors. It is the same as the university card, but it is online and not manual.

  • Get some discounts and apps from the biggest sites.
  • Enrollment in training courses provided by some sites and institutions online for free.
  • In addition to the possibility of enrolling in some international scholarships provided by some countries.
  • The university email can be used as an official email for you as a student that you can include in your CV.
  • University lecturers and professors can send syllabus information and documents to students via this email.
  • As a student, you can respond or answer assignments on faculty sites.
  • You can benefit from it at the stage of preparing graduation research.
  • It helps the student by using “Research Gate” – a site similar to Linkedin – to communicate with researchers in various fields from all over the world, You can only ask about any specialty in any field and you will find someone who will answer your questions for the same specialty.
  • You can get credits for answering your questions that are useful to other researchers in your field, And for your activities and research.

As a university mail holder, you can get discounts and benefits by downloading more than 150 products on the most popular websites. The most important ones:

  • Download all Microsoft products for free.
  • Download all original Adobe programs. In addition to discounts ranging from 60 to 70%.
  • Download “ Autodesk ” leg programs such as Autocade, 3D Max and other graphics programs that are important for art, engineering and design students.
  • You can download help for “Presentation” from the “ Prez i” website.
  • Get one year of free hosting on WestHost , if you are interested in the field of website building.
  • Download programs, applications, and tools from the GitHub website.
  • Take advantage of the services provided by Amazon .
  • If your field of study is programming, The “JetBrains” website allows you to offer programs whose prices exceed $300, all of which are available free of charge if you obtain a university email.