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Within the framework of the university’s endeavor to adhere to quality standards, improve performance, and organize procedures related to admission, registration, study and examinations, a form for admission and registration for university studies has been prepared to improve the level of performance in order to achieve the vision and objectives of the university and include adherence to the regulations and laws regulating the educational process.

This guide aims to facilitate the admission and registration of students and to clarify the instructions related to it and the necessary procedures for its implementation. It includes all procedures related to admission, registration, study and exams. The guide also contains all the forms that the student needs to complete his procedures in an easy manner, starting with the registration form and ending with the form for obtaining a graduation statement. A guide to procedures in Libyan universities was used to prepare this guide.

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What am I doing then?

It may take a few days for the data to be reviewed. You can go directly to the university to submit the required documents. Although we prefer to wait a few days after the online registration to be able to review all the data.