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Departments and Faculties

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Departments and Faculties

Browse our various faculties in various departments and specializations at our university, Which prevents the bachelor’s and bachelor’s degrees.

Business Management

The business administration specialization is defined as the specialization that expresses operations, activities, tasks, And matters that regulate business of all kinds, such as corporate business, and institutions.


This section specializes in providing materials that bring together all college students, Any subjects that are common to the pioneers of applied medical sciences disciplines.


the pharmacy

Pharmacy is generally defined as a technique, or the science of manufacturing and preparing new medicines, And make appropriate adjustments to the old medicines.


Hospital management

Hospital management is the area concerned with the control, management, and supervision of public health systems, health care systems, and hospitals. And on all departments such as the Department of Preventive Health and the Department of Disease Treatment.



Accounting can be defined as a process by which financial information is identified, recorded, and communicated to users to make appropriate decisions.

civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the branches of engineering concerned with the study, design and analysis of various civil facilities such as residential and service buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports.


Computer Science

Computer science, computer science or computing is the study of processes that interact with data and that can be represented as data in the form of programs. It enables the use of algorithms to process, store and communicate digital information.


Studying law helps individuals gain intellectual strength combined with a practical approach, Law students can pursue paths other than law, such as politics, or press, or the police, or diplomatic spheres, Moreover, a law degree allows its student to defend the rights of individuals and those accused of certain crimes. This gives the opportunity to return rights and correct errors, In addition to many other responsibilities.

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about our university

vision, mission and goals, study programs, international dimension, Organizational Chart, conferences and workshops, Figures and Statistics

Vision.. Mission and goals

Qasr International University to become a pioneering and distinguished model in education and scientific research, The preferred choice for students of science. And to play a joint role with decision-makers in achieving the sustainable development goals.

Conferences & Workshops

Qasr International University is one of the leading institutions in organizing conferences and workshops. All workshops and conferences will be documented and monitored through this page and announced on an ongoing basis.

international dimension

The university has been seeking to spread knowledge and communicate with its local and international surroundings since its establishment through establishing partnerships and twinning with many regional and international universities, Under the supervision and management of the International Cooperation Office of the university

Organizational Chart

The organizational structure consists of the activities and tasks that are distributed among the employees and administrators of the various university facilities, It is usually geared towards achieving the goals pursued by the organization.

Figures and Statistics

Through numbers and statistics, general data is drawn up that reflects the numbers of students and teaching staff at the university. Figures and figures are displayed in an interactive way and provide real-time and continuously updated data.

Study programs

The university awards BA and BA at the undergraduate level for all disciplines.

ورش العمل والندوات

Workshop entitled “Foundations of Scientific Research”

Today, a workshop was held at Al-Qasr International University   Under the title “Basics of Scientific Research”.   #Under the _ supervision _ of _ Dr. Muhammad _ Al-Ajili _ from ...
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